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Spreading a sustainable travel culture that protects nature


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Leading sustainable fashion culture


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Introducing zero waste products and stores


[Lectures for All (LearnUs] Sustainable Consumption
Professor Hyun-Jae Shin


[Lectures for All (LearnUs] What Design Can Do for Sustainable Development


Making Touch-free key by recycling waste mask
With Covid pandemic lasting, there have been countless disposable masks discarded. Though the masks are vital supplies when worn, after a one-day use, it is just trash that is hard to treat. Around the struggle, it was Yonsei Mirae Campus student club ‘Mask Do It’ who wanted to handle waste masks and produced a meaningful good, Touch-free key.Touch-free key is a hygiene product that helps to press buttons on elevators without touching them. It recently got attention as it can be useful in cases where contact with public places and public objects is inevitable. Mask Do It team held a waste mask collection campaign with the National Health Insurance Service and finally produced a Touch-free key by recycling the collected masks, which greatly contributes to achieving SDG 12.5 By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. They also added value by donating the Touch-free key to those with a developmental disability.
Student Workstation WE-CYCLE dealing with garbage problem and helping to recycle in Jakarta
WE-CYCLE aims to improve the working environment and awareness of Jakarta's recycling workers. They spotted that most of the trash in Jakarta goes to a landfill called Bantargebang forming a huge garbage mountain, and 3,000 households are living with it. Also, most of them are completely out of social infrastructure and do not receive a social distribution, economic, or health guarantees at all. To deal with the garbage issue and make a better condition for Jakarta, the team installed a plastic-only trash can We-cycler and conducted research through visits and in-depth interviews which could help achieve SDG 12.a Support developing countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacity to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.
Student Workstation VLook pursues a sustainable fashion consumption platform
VLook aims to extend the life of clothing by contributing to activating the used clothing trade (SDG 12.5) as a solution to the growing clothing waste problem. They made an app that enables the secondhand clothing trade.

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