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Yonsei Institute for Global Health (YIGH) was established to realize the Christian value of Severance and its medical missionary spirit.
YIGH has four centers under its roof: Medical Mission Center, the Center for Health and Unification of Korea, ODA Center and Severance Academy.

Medical Mission Center

Medical Mission Center has a wide range of projects to provide medical support for the socially disadvantaged and to help medical missionaries. The center regularly brings seriously-ill patients from overseas to provide free medical treatment. The center also started an academic exchange program with Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in 1993 and opened Yonsei Friendship Hospital in the city of Ulaanbaatar in 1994. In April 2018, the center launched “Project Avison 10 by 10” to foster healthcare professionals in developing countries. Named after the first head of Chejungwon, the 10-year program invites 10 medical school students annually from countries with low medical services, and provides training and education until the students reach professional stages.

Center for Health and Unification of Korea

The Center for Health and Unification of Korea was established to prepare the health sector for Korean unification. To improve capacity building in healthcare and medicine, the center conducts research and education projects related to North Korea, such as its monthly Unification Health Medical Seminar and field trips to the DMZ and Panmunjeom. In addition, the center collects donations for Yonsei Unification Fund, designs various unification-related classes for each department at Yonsei University, sends IV fluids to North Korea and conducts omnibus lecture programs.

ODA Center

Official Development Aid (ODA) Center constantly strives for systematic and strategic structuring of its ODA projects. It conducts and expands ODA activities and programs by carrying out various medical and educational projects in developing countries. Its main projects include Smart Public Health and Medical Services for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, National Cancer Center in Senegal, and expansion of Dharmais National Cancer Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. The center also cooperates with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to provide communicable disease management programs in Vietnam, Cambodia, Ghana and Ethiopia by inviting experts in this field.

Severance Academy

Based on its medical know-how of 130 year-history, Severance Academy provides education programs to foreign healthcare professionals by inviting them to Korea. About 850 people from 58 countries, such as China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, India and Uzbekistan, have participated in the program since 2015.