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Vision and



· What We Do

What We Do
Networking Information Identify, utilize and link academic and human resources available in Yonsei University
Collaborative Engagement Connect academic expertise to field work
Education & Research Educate global citizens and leaders in sustainable development Foster research on SDGs
Transformative Messaging Increase public awareness of SDGs Promote partnerships and cooperation

· Since 1885 - Past, Present and Future

The history of Yonsei University began in 1885 with Korea’s first modern hospital Chejungwon which was established by medical missionary Horace N. Allen. Around that time, missionary Horace G. Underwood visited Korea and assisted in medical treatment at Chejungwon while starting his work in education and missionary activities. The work of these two missionaries in Chejungwon has become the foundation of Yonsei.

Works related to medicine were institutionalized to become Severance Medical College. In education, what was initially known as Underwood School later became Yonhi College. In 1957, Yonhi College and Severance Medical College merged to become Yonsei University.

Committed to our founders’ core principles of Truth and Freedom, Yonsei has deeply engaged in the needs of our society. Now through IGEE, Yonsei will further serve and enrich our communities and humanity by promoting sustainable development.

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